For something to be unique, it has to be
Of high quality...
Every time different.
Moreover, timelessness and style are never accidental.
Unconventional ideas upon high quality materials create unique chrisoms.
  • 01.
    We value our products as well as our young friends.
    As we follow strict cleansing measures and ironing of high quality,we recommend that our products are not to be washed up before their use.
  • 02.
    Washing the oilcloths after the mystery of baptism, is a procedure that constitutes a small ceremony as, according to the tradition, the Godfather together with the baby's mother should rinse them three times into the running water of the sea or the river.
    The aim of this washing procedure is not their sterilization, but the preservation of the baby's odor as well as the oil's scent used in the ceremony.
  • 03.
    The chrisoms are considered to gently absorb the oil and the myrrh of your baby's body.Therefore it is highly required that they are manufactured from cotton of high quality.
  • 04.
    Do no forget that a set of chrisoms consists of the oilsheet, the big towel (bathrobe), the small towel, as well as the underwear that touch the baby's body directly.
    For this reason, we strongly recommend you check the quality of the fabrics.
  • 05.
    Our towels are fabricated by cotton wool of superior quality.
    The main characteristic of cotton wool is its high absorbance.
  • 06.
    Our advice for the storage of the chrisoms:
    Wrap them into special paper bags storage together with a white bar of Marseilles' soap.
    A fragrance of soap combined to that of the myrrh, is obtained that way.
  • 07.
    Are you aware of the fact that the "holly myrrh" used in the mystery of baptism, is being compound once every ten years in Fanari by the Patriarch himself?
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